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Years of Quality
Martin Masonry's foundation is set in concrete & masonry. We started back in the 1980's, but it was our devotion to detail that caused our customers to demand we diversify. To keep up with their requests for additional trades, until at last we emerged as a full-fledged general contracting firm, never losing site of original standards of premium quality work. We still consider concrete & masonry to be the backbone of our company and take a special pride in every brick we lay.


This is a very large double-bricked wall. During this project, I hauled so much brick that the brickyard thought that I was using their bricks to start my own brickyard. This project took me a whole summer. I fondly remember constructing this because of the size of the challenge. The pictures do not express the magnificence of this wall; soon a 180° view will be loaded for web surfers with a broadband connection.


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